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11/21/2012How to spot Reflux in a toddler with recurring laryngitis?0
11/10/2012Pneumonia again0
7/16/201223 months w/o relief, no hope in sight58/7/2012 2:16blessedmom0710
11/20/2011Reflux, Virus, Nexium, and Zantac73/30/2012 7:07bonnie09
11/14/2011where to find13/22/2012 1:45bonnie09
8/25/2011Still not diagnosed...0
7/7/2011Looking for a pediatric gastroenterologist at Cincinnati Childrens or in Lexington, ky111/6/2011 4:23jenrackley
4/21/2011to do or not to do is the question (surgery)15/21/2011 7:59jeddsmommy
3/24/2011Help opening Prevacid Capsules0
12/30/2010HELP PLEASE0
4/2/2010Probiotics? 14/3/2010 9:37jenrackley
2/18/2010How long after lunch can they take a nap?0
11/30/2009"disabled" when is a kid considered Disabled112/4/2009 9:01dljpan
2/26/2009My daughter's medication13/22/2009 1:21maggiemom
1/29/20098 yr old. recently diagnosed - has insomnia22/15/2009 9:55debbieb
1/27/2009Prevacid Question11/30/2009 8:05dljpan
12/17/2008Previcid212/18/2008 10:46jenrackley
10/18/2008nexium912/17/2008 6:39loonie
8/28/2008GERD or bacterial imbalance?0
5/16/2008What do we try next? Meds not working...195/22/2008 10:19maiam
2/6/2008looking for answers264/23/2008 3:54rissaroo
1/28/20085 year old with reflux and chronic bronchitis92/6/2008 8:27bear'smom
1/7/2008Food aversion in 4 year old52/4/2008 11:00joy
12/12/2007recipes212/17/2008 8:13kjbrown92
9/19/2007Could this be GERD?? 412/12/2007 12:36kjbrown92
6/23/2007Medications and diarrhea26/28/2007 1:56jan gambino burns
6/4/2007Is this caused by reflux?27/17/2007 8:25debbie
1/25/2007Surgery?43/21/2007 5:51gervictim93
11/20/2006Coping with autism and now, GERD21/2/2007 10:24sw33tmilk
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