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4/27/2015hi i'm Alice14/1/2016 2:19sausagemaster69
10/17/2014Hi! I'm a teen with reflux and I wish to meet other teens with the same condition:)24/27/2015 2:02pinkbubblegum
8/9/2010FUNDRAISER for PAGER today!0
7/16/2010Introducing Solids to a breastfed dream feeder0
6/4/2008Making a Mark0
1/25/2007My name is KK and this is my story34/27/2015 2:08pinkbubblegum
6/27/2006Coloring Contest- We want YOU to win!0
4/1/2006Song set to poem "Welcome to Holland"2
3/28/2006HI Im Tori!!!!33/30/2006 6:00jan gambino burns
6/30/2005?? What do you eat for lunch at school? Snacks?17/3/2005 9:53Megan
6/30/2005?? What's the worst thing you ever missed due to reflux?17/9/2005 2:59Megan
6/30/2005?? Did anybody ever think you were faking your reflux?111/19/2005 8:57mama cj
5/10/2005Mother needs advice from any children that have had surgery29/5/2005 2:13emandhopesmom
5/8/2005New PAGER support group forming in North Atlanta, Georgia0
2/15/2005Creating a Space for Teens0
7/11/2003Where are the kids?17/12/2003 9:35mlcallaghan
11/10/2002Teen with Reflux - My story211/10/2002 10:08Author
7/1/2002GERD!27/1/2002 2:46Concerned lady
5/12/2002Hi im Alyssa15/13/2002 11:16Susan Gunther
11/17/2001Hi Everybody! I'm Glen111/17/2001 11:21Susan Gunther
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