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4/12/2017Dry sputtering gagging sounds0
2/19/2016Need Help Desperately (Long) I'm so overwhelmed.13/6/2016 4:36peterb
7/8/2015Enfamil AR- should I try again?0
3/18/2015Time of day to dose Nexium?0
10/15/2014Reflux, Apnea, Sensory seeking and speech delay??0
8/1/2014NEW, and need help0
7/23/2014Prevacid compound to solutab0
4/2/2014Sleep positions not working 39/28/2017 3:32bwp
3/25/2014Prevacid Solutabs vs Prevacid Capsules 0
1/17/2014What to do next?0
1/16/2014exhausted32/19/2016 2:46mfelux
1/5/2014reflux baby, desperate mom from Greece11/8/2014 2:23lorenzomama
1/1/2014motility and craniosacral therapy11/8/2014 3:57lorenzomama
12/14/2013Purple Spitup + Prilosec + Carafate0
11/3/2013Probiotics111/4/2013 11:46lorenzomama
11/3/2013lip tie and prevacid0
9/15/2013Prevacid &zantac still not working?19/15/2013 9:50jenjenstar
9/13/2013I'm not sure if he has reflux?? help19/14/2013 12:23lorenzomama
8/7/2013How to get baby to sleep in Tucker sling?28/12/2013 11:39onion
8/5/2013Prevacid - conflicting and dated information69/22/2013 2:58jaclyn0519
8/2/20133 1/2 month old, severe reflux, sandifer syndrome18/5/2013 12:07babsil037
8/2/2013How to tell if is food intolerance?0
8/2/2013Reflux newbie: this is hard. Headed to GI specialist on Monday 38/8/2013 5:55babsil037
8/1/2013Back After Quite A Few Years0
7/24/201312 week old - reflux worsening - time for prevacid?58/7/2013 12:26rubysdad
7/20/2013Back on PAGER after 7 years17/29/2013 10:08lorenzomama
7/14/2013Forum Problems0
7/12/2013TUCKER SLINGS68/13/2013 11:20kasey6213
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