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4/9/20159 year old with Barrett's Esophagus0
2/17/20133 month old with scary episode/diagnosed as reflux13/6/2013 1:55lorenzomama
12/24/2011Holiday Heartburn0
10/25/2011Help Me111/6/2011 4:20jenrackley
9/11/2011Does my son need an endoscopy?29/14/2011 5:46noida
10/30/2010List of Acid and Alkaline Foods210/31/2010 4:32acidaway
8/29/2010PPIs and Fractures33/7/2011 7:58mc3
8/9/2010FUNDRAISER for PAGER today!0
10/25/2009GERD and the family bed110/27/2009 7:37dljpan
9/4/2009we made it!!!0
8/22/2009HELP FOR MY CHILD IN PAIN110/30/2010 10:26acidaway
7/30/2009baby formula without citrates17/30/2009 2:49jenrackley
7/23/2009Reflux with Seizures?? Not Sandifer's17/24/2009 7:26dljpan
7/1/2009Sandifer's syndrome27/2/2009 3:23reesesmommy
5/24/2009Zegerid for infants/toddlers25/26/2009 9:35momtochubmuffin
5/24/2009Hi! I'm new here...0
2/5/2009Update/ and question0
1/25/2009i think her reflux is getting worst what do i do?31/26/2009 6:01serenitysmom07
1/20/2009constipation and reflux34/28/2010 11:32nikkijordan4
1/9/2009help....looking for a pediatric allergist11/11/2009 9:45jenrackley
1/1/2009Allergy testing11/2/2009 8:33jan gambino burns
12/17/2008December newsletter0
12/16/2008Possible endoscopy312/25/2008 3:02jenrackley
11/13/2008Zantac - Any one know any negatives to this medicine for infants?111/20/2008 5:25jenrackley
8/26/2008Need advice/suggestions on reflux210/16/2008 11:54nate&kevin'smommy
8/3/2008Surgery for hiatal hernia42/9/2011 2:03tony2501
7/3/2008Upper GI and eating after midnight?17/15/2008 1:50stickybean
6/9/2008Are gripe waters such as colic calm good?16/19/2008 9:32slimfast13
4/8/2008Anyone had a nissen loosened?212/17/2008 6:25loonie
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