Please contact the PAGER staff or board of directors if you still have questions or concerns after reading this page.

Why do we have ads? The short answer is because it takes money to run any organization. The only difference between regular corporations and non-profit corporations is the purpose - non-profits exist to help and for-profits exist to make money. I still takes money to keep the web site open, provide training and materials for our wonderful volunteers, buy an occasional computer (donated ones aren't enough to run this site) and pay for insurance. Our budget can be found on this site.

While PAGER gets a great deal of support from members and their friends, it isn't enough to pay our operating expenses. And we don't want to lean so heavily on families who already have high medical bills. Accepting advertising is a way to support our activities and help you learn about products that may be of interest.

It is the policy of PAGER to accept ads only after review by the board of directors. Products that require a prescription must be FDA approved in order qualify for an ad on this site. Ads may not make claims and advertisers do not have any editorial control over the content of the site other than to request that their ad appear or not appear on specific pages.

We never share your contact information with advertisers or anybody else and we do not collect any data about your surfing habits or any personal information except what you give us by filling out a form. See the privacy policy.

If you have a slow computer, you may notice that clicking on an ad lands you briefly on a blank screen before you land on the advertiser's site. This blank screen is PAGER's way of counting how many of our visitors click through to advertisers. We are not collecting data about you, just counting hits. Advertisers are willing to pay more for ads that result in people going to their site.

In the future, we may offer manufacturer's coupons or special pricing for products advertised on our site. You will need to register in order to receive these special offers. It is just one of the small benefits of getting involved in our reflux community.

If you have concerns about any advertiser, please contact PAGER immediately.

Check with your
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