PAGER Association is closed. This site is still available but not maintained.

PAGER is run on largely volunteer effort. There are many ways you can help.

Technical help
We need some immediate help with:

Editing video
Setting up our Amazon Associates merchandise links
Setting up our Chili Festival site
Setting up something like a web ring

We need professionals to write content for this site and the newsletter as well as collaborate on research:
Occupational Therapist
Physical Therapist
Speech Pathologist
Feeding Therapist
Event Planner
Grant Writer
Publicist, Press Officer to write press releases

Trained Parent Contact Person
These volunteers receive several hours of specialized training on GERD and communication skills. They return phone calls, e-mails and letters.

Interested parents must go through an application, screening and reference checking process. Generally, we ask that you apply after you have been a member of PAGER for some time and are beyond the crisis mode with your own family. After completing several months of vounteering and upon completion of a successful review, these volunteers may apply to start a PAGER chapter.

Our ability to coordinate and train volunteers is somewhat limited. send an e-mail to Jennifer Rackley, Volunteer Coordinator at

Volunteers will receive a password to gain admission to a private part of the web site where they can receive their assignments and get to know each other better.

Things you can do from home

  • You can write informative web pages on specific GERD topics like specific tests, tube feeding, etc. The "pages" should be fairly short - equal to 1-3 pages of 10pt text. Submit it for staff review by e-mail to Authors will receive credit.
  • We need a HIGHLY organized person to take orders for ads and bill the advertizers. Not much sales involved. The advertizers are starting to come to us.
  • Do a short presentation to mothers' clubs in your area. We have an outline and can send you a set of materials that you can copy. Please track the number of copies you give out - it helps us prove our effectiveness!
  • Take our materials to a local health fair. Track copies!
  • EASY Submit a Family Profile.
  • EASY Submit GER humor.
  • EASY Write PAGER a letter of support. Foundations require these letters to demonstrate that we do a good job.
  • EASY Post and answer questions on the discussion area of the web site.
  • Translate our basic materials into other languages and arrange for a doctor to review the medical terminology.
  • EASY Take brochures to your local doctors. Track the number distributed!
  • Obtain permission from publishing companies for us to post a few journal articles. We have a list.
  • Write summaries of journal articles for the newsletter and web site. We have the articles already selected.
  • Get copies of medical journal articles about pediatric GER and related subjects. We try to go to the med library every six months, but it is difficult.
  • Make and sell t-shirts so that we don't have to do this. Split the proceeds with PAGER.
  • EASY Suggest links for our web site.
  • Do an experiment to see how much rice cereal is necessary to thicken a bottle of formula. We have instructions. This would be a fun project to do with a group of students.
  • Publicize this site.
  • Raise money - that's what keeps us going
  • Write your personal story for your local newspapers. Or get a friend to interview you and write it up. We have suggestions on how to do this.
  • Write your story on the Profile section of this site
  • Gather door prizes or auction items for our events and raffles.
  • EASY Distribute our literature to the school nurses and gym teachers in your school district. You can download originals and make copies. Sometimes the school will do the distributing for you if you ask. (Let us know if you do this)
  • Set up in-service trainings with nanny services, visiting nurses, etc.
  • Set up speaking engagements at service clubs: MOM's Clubs, Rotary, Kiwanis, Exchange Clubs, etc.
  • We are seeking businesses that would like to host a fundraising event - walk/run? chili cook off? golf tournament? chocolate dessert or spicy appetizer profits from a restaurant?
Check with your
doctor first!