Reflux since age 6
By Tara - Story from age 6 - 15

Going to School with Acid Reflux
Learn how to avoid problems when your child goes to school

GERD book for kids
Read a book on the internet - written for kids.

Lie Detector for the stomach?
Read about a student who created a new lie detector - it monitors stomach contractions

Coping with GERD - for teens by a teen
By Paige - sometimes funny, sometimes touching. Great practical ideas and information on how to keep from getting depressed.

Finding the Silver Lining
By Lauren - Looking at the positive things that happened to her because she had GERD

Dear PAGER Kids
A letter from somebody famous who has GERD

What is GERD - for kids
It is very important to understand reflux because you guys are in charge of monitoring your symptoms and reporting to the doctor.

Gross Reflux Jokes

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