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Apr 12, 2017
Dry sputtering gagging sounds
Hi all, My baby will be 1 next week. From the time he was born, he spit up a ton. He was always miserable and had to sleep on his stomach on my chest. He tried Zantac, but it didn't work. He also tried compounded (at Walgreens) Prilosec, but he just got bad constipation. His doctors said, "Well, he's gaining fine, so let's not keep him on the medicine." So we took him off. He continued to gain and spit up and be miserable at night, and we just went with the flow. By the time he was 6 months and sitting upright, he stopped spitting up. He also started solids. By the time he was 7 months, he started making this periodic gagging sound. It sounds like a dry, sputtering cough. He also stopped breastfeeding on both sides. Feed weights confirmed that he was only drinking about 2 ounces of milk at a sitting. So I feed him on one side and wait an hour and then feed him on the other side. We went back to the GI doctor because of the gagging sounds and strange new breastfeeding behavior, and he ordered an endoscopy. The endoscopy came back with just some minimal inflammation, but everything else looked fine. He did not recommend we put him back on a PPI. However, we were referred to the hospital's feeding team due to the breastfeeding issues. The feeding team took one look at him and said he needs to be on a high dose of Prilosec because he has uncontrolled acid reflux. They think it didn't work the first time because it was compounded (they want me to sprinkle the beads from the capsule into some puree this time) and the dose wasn't high enough. They don't like his weight (20 pounds at almost a year, yet he's fairly tall), and they don't like that he doesn't seem to have an appetite. They could also hear him refluxing (he always makes this swallowing sound like he's swallowing post nasal drip). I am very confused at this point because the GI doctor said he doesn't need to be on a PPI, but the feeding team didn't seem to care about the endoscopy and said he does and he needs to be on a large dose. I don't know what to do! I have a second opinion appointment scheduled with another GI doctor, but it's not for 2 weeks. Meanwhile, my baby continues with his odd breastfeeding behavior, and doesn't consume as much food as other babies his age. The sputtering, gagging noise has gotten worse. He does it standing and while lying on his back. I should note that while it seems to mildly annoy him, he doesn't seem to be in pain when he does it. He sleeps better at night than when he was a newborn, but still has at least one wake up where he bolts up screaming and sounds very congested. Sometimes there is fluid in his nose. Also, he is constantly rubbing his mouth/nose area, especially when he's on his back. I'm starting to suspect that his nasal passages may be irritated. Has anyone else had a baby this age breast feed like this or have this gagging/sputtering/coughing sound? Has anyone else had a baby with a normal endoscopy but still needed a PPI? The reason I've been hesitant about following the feeding team's advice is that their boss, the GI doctor, basically disagrees with them, and my baby was so constipated the last time he was on a PPI. I should also note that he went on a nursing strike a month ago and had to get an IV at the ER. Again, the doctors there were not concerned about reflux due to his endoscopy results. Can anyone relate to any of this? Thank you!
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