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Feb 19, 2016
Need Help Desperately (Long) I'm so overwhelmed.
So originally I suspected reflux, as Emily would scream for an hour after every single feed - arching her back, congested breathing, choking on her spit up an hour after feeding, very poor sleeping habits, comfort eating (she would gain a pound a week) and just awful time. I was breastfeeding at this time, and since then we have determined she has food allergies/intolerances. Dairy and soy for sure, egg most likely, and something else. She was put on Zantac. It seemed to help a little bit for awhile, but she continued to have ridiculous amounts of gas and painful stomach issues as well as started to spit up the Zantac in this mucus form of spit up. We had an Upper GI showing normal results (now we know that this test does not always show reflux, if ever). So, after she had a particularly bad reaction to my milk after eggs one day with blood in her diaper, we moved to Nutramigen, hypoallergenic formula. 5 days of heaven followed by our current hell. She reacted to the dairy on day 6. Broke out in hives all over her face and neck, had her painful gas return, red cheeks, scaly head, etc. We switched her to Neocate, but she still seems to be doing poorly. Her sleep is all over the charts bad, she is vomiting up the mucus type of spitup with every feed and often an hour or two after. She screams when you are trying to burp her (a post Zantac development). She arches her back, she squirms around at night as if uncomfortable and can't settle without her pacifier. It's so strange that one night she'll sleep 8 hours straight and other nights she's up every hour!!! I don't get it. She shows the following symptoms that make me concerned, but I'm also scared to try PPI's based on the "acid battle" and other side effects which just seem to mimic what she's having now, namely the stomach cramping, gas, etc. She has the following: -Congested breathing -Crying when she knows you're going to burp her, sometimes inconsolable -Crying mid-bottle on occasion -Hesitant to eat, despite being hungry -Stopping during her feed despite being hungry -Spitting/vomiting with every burp -Vomit has more mucus than with breastfeeding -Vomiting an hour after feed -Very poor sleep habits - sometimes giving us a glorious 8 hours stretch, other nights up every single hour requiring soothing back to sleep. Last night she had to be rocked back to sleep while arching her back and scrunching up. -Looks to be doing "crunches" but turns red and acts like her tummy hurts I'm so hesitant to go the PPI route, but if I did, I would go Tummy Care Max with Omeprazole. We tried Prevacid and it was a complete disaster... she was so much worse and one day stayed up for 11 hours straight. My questions are: 1. Do you think she has reflux or just allergies to the milk protein in the Nutramigen that need to work their way out? 2. Did Tummy Care Max work for you or did it bring unpleasant side effects with the PPI? 3. Should I have her scoped to make sure it's GERD before trying these medications on her? 4. Have you heard of Colic Calm or any success stories there? 5. Did you trade reflux side effects for stomach ache side effects on PPIs? 6. Does reflux cause gas and mucus poop/spitup? I'm so depressed I got prescribed Zoloft today. I sometimes feel like abandoning my family it's that bad. Sometimes I have even felt like my life would have been better if I'd never gotten pregnant. I never want another child in my life. Sorry for so much information, I just need your help and experience.
Mar 06, 2016
What is the baby's age?
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