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Jul 08, 2015
Enfamil AR- should I try again?
Hello everyone. My beautiful baby girl is 13 days old and has GERD. This is my third child with GERD. You'd think I'd be an expert by now but faaaar from it. Her reflux is very evident during feedings (refluxing into nose and some spit ups, choking, and small spit ups when burping, funny swallowing sometimes (from experience the stuff is coming up as she is trying to swallow) and after feedings (sounds congested, very uncomfortable). GI suggested Enfamil AR. She is currently on Enfamil Newborn- tried nutramigen, reflux got worse (it seems is a consistency thing- the thinner the formula, the more she refluxes). When I first tried AR- I mixed half AR and half regular formula. The feding itself was wonderful! No congestion, no hiccups, choking, funny swallowing etc... and fell asleep right away. I thought this is a miracle- but 5 minutes into her sleep she started screaming and pretty much screamed on and off until the next feeding. I stopped the AR and contacted the GI and she said to try it one more time- this time no 50/50 though, 100% AR. I am scared to death to have the same reaction or worse. Looking for some advice. Thanks and God Bless.
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