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Oct 17, 2014
Hi! I'm a teen with reflux and I wish to meet other teens with the same condition:)
So I'll start by saying Hi! I'm 16-year-old girl from Finland with a reflux disease. I've suffered from it for my whole life, as you may guess. It's pretty bad, I have my bed lifted so the acid wouldn't rise during the night, which is when it's worse. I take medication, two every night and one in the morning. Currently my prescription is for only two a day, but I'll see the doctor soon as that is not enough. It still rises, the medication just dilutes the acid so it doesn't burn. Most of you probably know how fun it is to throw up in your mouth, that happens maybe once a week. Especially with skinny jeans it's a pain. Sometimes too tight clothes cause heartburn even with the medication for me, so I avoid them. Also if I don't eat when I'm hungry the acid starts to get mad at me. I found a page that stated all the different thing reflux might cause, and who knew this affected so many things! Like I've been wondering why I'm so tired always, but apparently reflux can cause that! I woul post the link, but it's not in english, so... Also I have suffered from anorexia, and sadly in recovery as I have eaten normally and my digestion has started working, the mouth-gagging has happened more. You know, if you don't have anything in your stomach, what can you gag..? I'm certain this will pass later in recovery. It can be the stress too, that always makes my reflux MUCH worse. I've never met anyone else with the same disease except for my uncle, so I'm hoping I would get to know other teenagers with reflux here:) Feel free to write to me! It would be really great to get to know you, write each other and talk about our life and struggles with the condition. I was also thinking about some sort of a support group, maybe with Whatsapp or kik or something. I mean who uses e-mail frequently anymore? I'm more exited than I should about meeting others my age with reflux here! Sorry for the novel, guys.
Nov 03, 2014
Reflux :(
Hi Jasmin I am 19 and also suffer from acid reflux and sleep with a Memory Foam Bed Wedge to keep me elevated at night. From what i have read i don't think my reflux is quite as bad as yours but i just thought i would drop you a message so that you know you're definitely not alone. I follow a blog that you might find useful, they talk about good foods to eat and things to avoid. They also have a shop that i have bought from a few times and they have been pretty good. Below is the link to the blog: I hope you find this useful. Jonny
Nov 03, 2014
Apr 27, 2015
Severe acid reflux
Hi I'm Alice and I'm 13 years old. Ever since the end of January I've been getting reflux after every meal where most of my food comes up. It was first diagnosed as gastritis but the antacids didn't take it away so after a few more test they diagnosed me with GERD. They can't operate properly because they don't know the cause and it's been 3 months so I'm getting very impatient. I told my friends and most family members about it at first but everyone started asking more and more if I had bulimia. I have never made myself throw up before and it annoys me that people can just think that. I started lying to my friends, saying that it was just gastritis. It's becoming harder to live with every day: after every meal I have to go throw up, the side effects of drugs and food that comes up into my throat up to 30 times after every meal. Because I haven't fainted or lost too much weight the doctors are taking all their time at finding a cause and what they can do about it. I'd love to meet someone who can relate to all this. Thankyou, bye
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