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Jul 23, 2014
Prevacid compound to solutab
Hello My 10 wk old son has been on prevacid compound since 2 wks old However as we all know it's super unreliable and we are seeing that We tried switching him to the solutab at around 5-6wks old but he screamed bloody murder all day long after a few days on it (half the pill in the AM and PM) .... Well now he is almost 11 wks and well over 15lbs so we thought we would try again as his sleep during the day goes downhill as his compounded meds reach 5-7 days old EVERY TIME!!! Is screaming part of the "normal" adjustment ? Even if he has been on the compound for months? He has only had two doses and so far so good. He is even napping today.... But I'm not so optimistic that the screaming isn't coming in a day or two!!! Any experience would be great-- about your baby's adjustment to the solutab... Even if you were not on the compound prior... Thanks!
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