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Jan 17, 2014
What to do next?
Hello, I'm new to the forums and this is my first post. I have a 15 week old baby boy. We have been battling GERD for the past couple of months. The acid reflux has caused an ulcer and a hernia. He also has food allergies. He was unable to feed at the breast after a while and though I was pumping, I have lost my supply and he is on EleCare exclusively now. We had an endoscopy done and in addition to the hypoallergenic formula, he is also taking prevacid twice a day. We split one of the OTC 24 hour capsules and put half of the granules in a spoon full of rice cereal every 12 hours. We also give him miralax and gaviscon as needed. He has been on the prevacid for nearly a month and EleCare for a couple of weeks. It's only been 4 days since we stopped all breastmilk, though we wasn't getting much of it. He still only eats about 1-3 oz at a time and it's a real struggle to make it to our goal of 24 oz every day. It takes all day of feeding little bits frequently and even then we usually get to only 20-22 oz in one day. We were force feeding at the end of the day to reach our goal, but now are trying not to do that anymore. Now the pediatrician has recommended we see a speech therapist for bottle feeding tips (apparently they are feeding experts too). I've spoken to the therapist on the phone and it turns out our insurance won't cover the visits until we reach our high deductible. The therapist said they would do an initial consult and then therapy sessions to get him to take the bottle easier. They also said it would be their recommendation to let him eat what he will (usually 1-2 oz) and then use a N feeding tube to finish the feeding. The sessions are going to cost us quite a bit of money and I've recently lost my job. It also sounds terrible to have to feed him through a tube. I'm just wondering if anyone has done these sessions with speech therapists before and if they were worth it. Also, how does the tube feeding work? Should we stay on our current course and try to get 24 oz in him each day, a bit at a time or should we do the therapy sessions and tube feedings? Thank you, Dylan's Mom
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