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Dec 14, 2013
Purple Spitup + Prilosec + Carafate
My 3.5 month old son has had severe GERD since birth which we've not been able to control despite multiple GI specialists advice. I'd really love some help as I'm feeling confused and sad to see him continue in such pain. He's on 10 mg Prilosec per day, given in 2 doses. One at 7 am the other at 6 pm. Its compounded at 2 mg/ml. Last week he stopped eating, screaming in pain with each bottle and refusing to eat. The belief was he may have a tear in his esophagus so the GI put him on Carafate. (I'm not sure I like the idea of Carafate because of the aluminum... but we're doing it because we're desperate to keep him eating) Now, he's spitting up purple. We've had it tested for blood but the doctor said the test wasn't really valid because it wasn't a fresh specimen and since its purple, she doesn't think its blood. I've read here that purple could mean the Prilosec isn't working... and that we should compound with Chocobase. But, I can't find Chocobase anywhere!! Do you have experience with Chocobase and/or know where we can get it?
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