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Nov 03, 2013
lip tie and prevacid
Hi there. My son, now 8 months old, has had reflux since he left the hospital. He was a preemie and had quite a bit of trouble learning to eat. Early on he chocked and gagged a lot (bottle and breast). We were told it was a "preemie thing" and he outgrew that around 4 months old. He is exclusively fed by breast now (with a few solids that don't help his reflux at all). Zantac only reduced his spit up by about half so he switched to prevacid. It's reduced the spit up to 4-6 times a day. A friend noticed his lip tie in a picture and suggested it may be the cause of his reflux. I would (of course) love, love, love to get him off the prevacid, but it will cost us $90 just to talk with a professional about lip ties and reflux. My husband is very against it, thinking that if the prevacid is helping than its doubtful the reflux is caused by swallowing air. I thought maybe somehow the prevacid is helping him burp it out since he burps a ton now that he is on it. Does anyone have experience with prevacid and burping and tongue/lip ties?
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