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Aug 07, 2013
How to get baby to sleep in Tucker sling?
I'm new to the reflux thing and my ~6mo is getting really bad. I want to get him to sleep in a Tucker sling but he's not easy to put down for bedtime. We often have to hold/rock/shush him for a long time, and then getting him to stay asleep when we put him down is tricky. The littlest thing can wake him right back up! So getting him to stay asleep in the sling is not going to be easy (and we've already tried). Anyone have any advice???? Help! I think this sling could really help him. Without a sling, with the crib at a tilt he just rolls to the bottom and that wakes him up.
Aug 09, 2013
I haven't tried it but you may want to try the comfy lift bed. From people that I have spoken to that have used it their babies seem to like it because they can still roll around a bit
Aug 12, 2013
thanks. not sure what to think. website says it is only appropriate for kids 1 yr and older. mine is 6 mo. and i'm afraid to call for their price quote...
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