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Aug 01, 2013
Back After Quite A Few Years
We have a son who is 5 1/2 years old. He had reflux as an infant and young toddler, but the symptoms seemed to leave. I was never fully convinced they were gone, but he stopped throwing up everything he ate, stopped crying all the time, stopped his symptoms so we were cleared. I just always felt like he still had a little something but never enough to put my finger on and chalked it up to post-reflux stress. However, now I am pretty sure I was right. He came to me last night and told me he had a funny feeling in his throat. He told me how it felt and it was exactly as you would describe reflux. I gave him an anti-acid to help him sleep and told him to just tell me if he ever felt that way again and I would give him medicine to help and sent him to bed. He came out a little while later and told me that he feels like this a lot at bedtime. He says he gets that icky feeling in his throat at night and has a lot. Sigh. I comforted him and sent him off to bed. I am going to start watching him, but some of his other behaviors (the ones that made me think it wasn't gone) added with this revelation, makes me wonder if we need to head back to the GI soon. Any ideas? The only scary issue I have is that he has some big food allergies and has an older brother with food allergies and Eosinophillic Esophagitis. He often described this same feeling and had these same behaviors when he was this age after "cleared" reflux as a baby. His reflux was never on the level of our younger son, not even close. But, I am hoping this is all just reflux and not him going down the EE path as well. (sorry, this last part is just a vent)
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