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Nov 21, 2012
How to spot Reflux in a toddler with recurring laryngitis?
Greetings Everyone, My son who is 2 years old, since age 1, had recurrent laryngitis for the past 11 months. I counted 10 times. Our doctor said, it is not dangerous since only 2 times he had to take antibiotics during this period. He was breastfed for the first year of his life, and he always vomited after being fed (even solids), and I never knew if I am feeding him too much or too little. Nevertheless, his weight gain was good. Today he weighs 13.5 kg (30 pounds). He is developing bad eating habits the past months, although the weight gain looks alright. He doesn't like some type of foods that he used to like. I know kids go through some stages, he is my first child and I feel so responsible. And when he learns to eat well, he gets sick and everything goes bad again. Two days ago, while playing with him, I noticed he had a wet burp, and he changed his face expression, I realized stomach acid came up to his throat. That night he started coughing almost sounding like croup. I have read that GERD can be one of the cause of Laryngitis. Does anyone had this kind of experience? I live in Austria (Europe) and here they do not talk a lot about GERD in kids. I guess since it involves invasive exploratory methods. He also now have fluids in the middle ear, which we are keeping an eye, and the throat-nose-ears specialist said he doesn't listen well. He is also exposed to 3 completely different languages. Apart from being so often sick, I am afraid he is developing some behavioral problems. Thank you in advance for your responses, with respect, Haverinja
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