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Oct 14, 2012
Toddler Screams for Hours
Hello, I'm hoping someone can tell me if they've had similar experiences, because my husband and I are at our wit's end! Both of our children had reflux as infants. With our son (now 3 years), he responded to Zantac and stopped taking it at 9 months with no problems. Our daughter, now 20 months, has been much more challenging. As an infant, she routinely cried endlessly at night (standard "colic") and seemed to respond to Prilosec, but not Zantac. With that, she still spit up more than any child I've ever seen, sometimes projectiling. She always writhed and cried when being changed and could arch herself right out of a chair or swing. She seemed to improve, however, and at nine months stopped taking meds. At 13 months things went downhill. She began spitting up daily and was just an unhappy kid. Even leading up to that, her disposition got worse. She was miserable her whole first winter, frequent upper respiratory infections, etc. We also noticed that she seemed to spit up after yogurt routinely. Finally, we called the doctor who referred to a gastro. We tested for CF (because of her small size... dropped from 49th at birth to less than 1 percentile), Celiac, food allergies, all negative. Finally, GI decided on reflux and DD began Prilosec again and we eliminated yogurt from her diet. She seemed to start getting better, her mood improved and the spitting stopped. Recently, however, things have gone WAY downhill. We tried yogurt again and spitting started again. So did the red bumps she often gets on her tummy, which had decreased. The doc chalked the spitting up to outgrowing her dose of Prilosec and asked us to increase. We did, but she got a stomach bug and couldn't keep it down. Bug's gone, and we're trying very hard to get the prilosec into her and to follow guidelines for an empty stomach when it's given. But she's MISERABLE. This weekend she has been crying for hours, writhing, obviously in pain. She's had gas, hives, a hard tummy. We've talked to her pedi's office twice, and had her checked for ear infections, no luck. Every time we talk to the doc she happens to have calmed down... after HOURS of writhing. She is so bad that if I set her down she throws her body backwards and slams her head onto the floor as a result. She wants NOTHING I give her, not milk, not her lovey, not me. She wants to be held but wants to be put down... etc. We have spent so much of her life walking on eggshells, not sure what would be the next thing to set her off because she gets upset so easily, but this is by far the worst weekend we've had. And while she had started to get better of the summer, she was a different kid... happy... silly... smiley. But it didn't last and we're back where we started. I thought maybe teeth, but I couldn't even hold her still long enough to get Tylenol into her. Furthermore, I couldn't even lay her down to put a diaper on. That's when she lost it, and screamed and screamed. It has taken me a half hour to diaper her... and then she rips at it and pulls it off. Today, at the pedi, the doctor suggested she was frustrated because of language delays (she's ahead in language, actually) and said she really couldn't think of a reason for this and that I should try walking away when she's doing this... as if she's just looking for attention. Oh, and tonight, even after the crying stopped, her belly was extremely bulbous and hard. Has anyone else gone through this???? I'm so frustrated and so stressed watching my child be miserable all the time. It is wearing on us to the point that we can't enjoy being around her and it kills us that we can see she's in pain and uncomfortable. Oh, and just this morning at the doctor I learned there are tests for reflux... something our GI has NEVER mentioned to us. I had no idea this was something we could have been testing for. Can any give me ideas for helping her? Ideas for what to ask/push for with the GI? Thank you! Oh... and if it matters... both kiddos had a milk protein allergy as infants.
Oct 18, 2012
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i am so sorry you are dealing with this. I have three girls and two had reflux. We have had issues similar to this and these are the things that worked for us. First, we used probiotics with our reflux girls. You can buy some that do not contain dairy and since she can't do yogurt it is a good way to get the healthy bacteria back into balance. BioGia makes some good ones and we have also used a chewable one by American Health.

Second, we had to remove any trigger foods. That include all juice and citrus (juice and fruit), tomato and tomato products, chocolate, and high fatty foods. Soda and other gas producers like cauliflower or beans can also aggravate some kids.

It can also be good to make sure that you are not also dealing with a constipation or emptying issue. My girls all had delays in stomach emptying and some pretty severe issues with constipation. It made their abdomens distended and swollen. It also made all of the reflux symptoms worse. We had to get both the constipation AND the acid under control at the same time to see good results for our girls.

Sometimes our pedi will want to do an abdominal x-ray when having this many symptoms. Have they done that for your daughter?

The last thing would be that you may need a different medicine. There are quite a few options and though all PPIs work in a similar way I have had parents swear to me that one works better than the other. Our daughter did way better on Prevacid than she has done on Prilosec.

I hope this helps. ((Hugs)). I know how hard it is. Feel free to e-mail me if we can help.
Nov 01, 2012
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Has she been doing any better? Have you done any further testing? I changed doc's a few times with Tia, until I found someone that listened and was proactive in her care and pain management. I'm so sorry you're still going through this. Sometimes those food allergies/intolerances can play havoc on them for a few years, but the chance are still great that she will outgrow this,not that it helps with what's happening now though.
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