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Jul 16, 2012
back here again after 4 years, please help!
hi there, my daughter was born in 2005 with severe reflux disease and had g tube till about 4 months ago. she is perfectly fine now. i gave birth to baby boy july 8, and the anxiety is back :( he has sleeping most of the time and i have to wake him up to feed and it's a struggle. i wasn't worried until 3 days ago after taking the feed for some time he screams and pushes back while sucking on the bottle. when my daughter was born she had no reflux in the beginning but started vomitig lot after 9 days. she used to vomit 12-13 times a day and by 3 months completely gave up feeding because of food aversion and than the tube feeding started. this is scaring me and my anxiety level is so high right now. i fear going through this again coz i know what it involves. can you please tell me after how many days usually reflux kicks in. and is it normal that he is constantly sleeping and not intrested in eating and screams sometimes and pushes back while sucking on the bottle? i will be eagerly waiting for your responses.
Jul 17, 2012
Isabella 10/04 Severe reflux, nissen fundo, g-tube, mito disease, epilepsy, DGE, asthma, aspiration, allergic to milk and soy
congrats new mommy! Take a deep breath unfortunately you have been down this road before. How is he pooping? Does he hold feeds down? He sounds like he is in pain when he eats and is lettting you know by screaming and arching. hows the flow from the bottle nipple? Is he gulping and maybe getting air and getting gassy and bloating? These little ones let you know something isnt right from the getgo its just us mommies trying to figure out what the source is. is he comfotrtable when he sleeps? what formula do you have him on? So many questions i know but it may help from another perspective of someone whos on the outside?
Jul 19, 2012
My son's symptoms started in the hospital the day I gave birth. He wouldn't latch-on to the breast and just screamed cried. Like bellymom said, unfortunately you have been down this road before. I know how hard it is!!!! ((HUGS)) But that's what my son did when we got home, the arching and screaming after and during feedings, breastmilk or formula, didn't matter! My son, however, never threw-up, even to this day (he's almost 4) he has only thrown up a handful of times. He is a "silent-refluxer". Is he gaining weight?
Jul 25, 2012
hi again
hi there, thanks for replying. he is gaining weight fine. today was hardest day out of all. he cried constanntly even when he is not feeding. he would suck - scream- gulp-chocke-cry and than feed again. this went on for all feedings. but he is throwing up. i'm confused as with my daughter she vomited many times all day. could be something else beside reflux? answers to your questions : he's pooping runny yellow curdy poops. yes he holds feeds down. i tried different flow nipples but doesn't seem to help, i'm going to try fast speed nipple next. he's comfortable when he sleeps. please tell me if i should be looking at something else too? could be something else or this is silent reflux? what should i do next? gosh i'm going crazy
Jul 25, 2012
sorry i meant to type HE IS NOT THROWING UP YET....could that be coming next?
Jul 31, 2012
Poor momma and baby!!! Sounds like silent reflux to me.... My son also had a swallow dysfunction which caused him to cough and choke while drinking. Of course, I'm not a dr, so I would ask your dr about it to be sure. Or maybe see a GI? Good luck! Keep us updated! :)
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