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Jul 11, 2012
Comfy Lift bed
I just want to let everyone know that if you are considering a comfy lift bed for your child who has severe reflux and are not going through your insurance, go directly through the manufacturers website to order this. Click on the contact page and email them. Most likely you will hear back from the inventor and president of the company that will work with you if paying cash or credit. I just recently ordered a bigger size bed for my daughter who is 5 and suffering from reflux. Getting a bed covered by insurance is not an easy process and most of the time won't cover it. So if you want to save yourself alot of money don't buy through a vendor go through the manufacturer. Some vendors are charging more than double for the same bed. I told the manufacturer that I would spread to word to other parents who have children that are suffering with reflux and are looking for a good sleeping positional bed for their child. Mr. Rubio is the inventor and after talking with him he truly wants to help people who are suffering from reflux.
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