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Mar 17, 2012
Could a pharmacist really mess up a compound?
We've had two experiences with our daughter sleeping horribly while on Prevacid compound. That's what she normally takes, however there's been two times that we think the batch was bad. She slept really bad during the time she was taking the medicine (lasted about a week or more). It's hard to imagine that a pharmacist could get the compound wrong, but I've heard it's possible. Anyone know from experience or knowledge? I would actually feel better knowing it's true, because that way we can explain those episodes. Thanks!
Mar 17, 2012
pharmacist mixup
I had a eerily similar experience recently at a Walgreens. We had just moved to Wa. from Id. and they had gone with a Walgreens "recipe", rather than the original recipe we had been using. I was then charged again for the remade recipe, and docked a refill. The pharmacist told me that the medicines were all the same anyway, and we are sorry, but please give us your money now. I would take my business elsewhere, but this particular pharmacy is the only one in town that compounds medicine. Thanks Walgreens.
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