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Mar 02, 2012
Just wanted to post, I have not been on here in a LONG time because I found something FINALLY after 2 kids with reflux that is working!!! My 17 month old is taking a supplement called Endefen by Metagenics.

I saw a local naturopathic doctor who prescribed it and I was surprised, but the first night on it, my son quit screaming in the night and has been a much happier baby! My son takes 1 T. mixed with something like applesauce or baby pears and it has made such a difference. He is off of the Prevacid he was on completely. Hope this can help someone else!


Mar 12, 2012
Lorenzo b.4/25/07 1 week in NICU w/ aspirate pneumonia from a reflux episode; diagnosed GERD at 9weeks; Used Zantac for 5months. Currently using Chinese Medicine and Craniosacral Therapy. GERD, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Sensory Processing Disorder. Ask me about breastfeeding a refluxer! Pic: day 5 in the NICU.
Oh, I am so glad you have found something that is working for your him!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing the info -- there can never be too many tools in the toolbox...
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