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Jan 23, 2012
Mum of 3 beautiful boys 3, 8, 10
Gaviscon, is there beter OTC products available?
Hi, My 10 year old son has recently developed reflux symptoms and on a bad day (which the last 2 days have been) he vomits small (and sometimes not so small) amounts into his mouth over 50 times through the day. He is currently on 20mg of Losec a day and has Gaviscon after each meal. I was advised by our pead that the Gaviscon would thicken the contents in his stomach and help stop it from flowing back up the esoficas. He finds that after the Gaviscon his reflux usually gets a lot worse with epesodes of reflux happening as frequently as every 30 seconds. This happens for about 20 mins then it settles back down to occasionally. My question is has anyone else tried other products that are similar to Gaviscon but perhaps more effectave?
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