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Dec 16, 2011
baileys mama
Milk protein intollerance and avoiding which foods?
Hi everyone, so now I am trialing Bailey on Neocate Im not 100% sure which foods to stay clear of? I obviously wont give him any dairy but I know milk can ne found in so many foods. I dont want to end up thinking Neocate hasnt worked or anything because Im accidently giving him foods with milk in it. Because he has had trouble with solids and wont swallow food we have been told to only give bailey finger foods and to aim for a fruit/vege, meat and carb at each mealtime and let him choose what he picks up. He seems to only like to handle carb foods and I have been giving him bread, savory biscuit, rice craker etc is this all ok to still give him? What should I make sure which foods I avoid? Ive trie to search the net but its a bit confusing and there is more information on recipes which is not really much good for me as he is only taking finger foods and no spoon fed foods. TIA
Dec 16, 2011
My daughter's MSPI was very severe. She reacted to even trace amounts of milk. For example: She started drinking Neocate and it was a huge turnaround. She completely stopped spitting/throwing up, which was constant before Neocate. After about two months of drinking Neocate, I gave her two teething tablets one day when it seemed like her teeth were bothering her. I did not think to check the label. The tablets were tiny, about the size of birth control pills. That afternoon, she spit up 6 times, which prompted me to check the label on the teething tablets, and it turned out milk was the last ingredient.

While you are trialing Neocate (I think the recommended trial is like 3-4 weeks, but if Bailey has MSPI or milk allergy you will see improvement before then), avoid even trace amounts of milk. Don't give him any processed food - like crackers, bread, etc. If you DO give him processed food, check the ingredient list carefully. You'll want to make sure it doesn't include milk, but also make sure there is no whey, lactose, etc. as these are also milk ingredients.

The same goes for any medicine you give him - check the label. Lots of stuff contains milk.

Like you said, you want to make sure you get a clean trial and nothing muddies the water. I would stick to fresh fruits, veggies, and plain meats if you give him any solids during your trial. Honestly, I would probably avoid solids altogether if it was me. Some kids have multiple food allergies that their parents don't discover until later on. If something like that were an issue for Bailey, it would complicate the results of the Neocate. I doubt that's the case, but at 9 months old he doesn't really NEED the solids, so it would be ok to cut back during the trial if you choose to.

Is his PPI compounded? If it's a liquid version, check with the pharmacy and make sure there are no dairy ingredients in the compound. Some compounds contain dairy.

It's awesome that he is drinking the Neocate with no problem so far!!!!! Good luck.

Dec 16, 2011
p.s. Also, if you give anything that is not a single-ingredient food, besides checking the label's ingredient list, check to make sure it does not say, "Made in a environment that processes milk and soy ingredients" or something similar. Cross-contamination from factory equipment is a problem for a lot of food allergic/intolerant kids. So even if "these" puffs don't contain milk, that same factory also makes "those" puffs that do, and the milk can get into the clean puffs. Here in the U.S. at least, (I believe) companies are not required to disclose this information (though some do)...which is why I would try to avoid all processed foods and just give him fresh choices during your trial if you give him any solids at all.
Dec 17, 2011
Mom to two refluxers. DS 4.5 years, on prevacid since 5 weeks. Trial wean this Intolerant of dairy and soy DD born Nov 2010. Currently on zegerid. Had stomach malrotation & surgery at 9 months. Avoiding dairy/soy with her while BFing.
I am glad you are trialing Neocate. I hope it helps! I too would stick with non processed foods during the trial. is a good resource.
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