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Dec 16, 2011
baileys mama
Hi everyone, so now I am trialing Bailey on Neocate Im not 100% sure which foods to stay clear of? I obviously wont give him any dairy but I know milk can ne found in so many foods. I dont want to end up thinking Neocate hasnt worked or anything because Im accidently giving him foods with milk in it. Because he has had trouble with solids and wont swallow food we have been told to only give bailey finger foods and to aim for a fruit/vege, meat and carb at each mealtime and let him choose what he picks up. He seems to only like to handle carb foods and I have been giving him bread, savory biscuit, rice craker etc is this all ok to still give him? What should I make sure which foods I avoid? Ive trie to search the net but its a bit confusing and there is more information on recipes which is not really much good for me as he is only taking finger foods and no spoon fed foods. TIA
Check with your
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