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Nov 20, 2011
Domperidone with Omeprazole
Hi there New mom here, my son Jack was diagnosed with reflux at 5 weeks, he was given Ranitidine, 1ml every 24 hrs, needless to say it didnt do anything for him, after researching on here and reading other peoples posts it seems that the drug is not effective as it was in the form of a compound and its also weight senstive. He is now just over 2 months, hes a sept 11 baby, and he weighs 12lbs 9oz, last night was horrible for him, screaming in pain, and just crying to the point he cried himself to sleep, it was such a horrible sight seeing my son go through that having him look into my eyes with fear and pain and knowing that there was nothing I could do for him to help him, so long story short my husband and I took him into the emerge today and he was given 1ml of Domperidone and 1ml of Omeprazole 5x a day in the form a compound, should I be concerned how they make it? I hear compounds are hard, and i requested that they add NO flavoring, also i read somewhere that the sodium bicarbonate has to be at leasst 16.8%, when i suggested this, the pharmacist said he would NOT add that much and will put 9.9% in, however, he is adding 5mg per dose of the drug, but i just dont think 9.9% is enough of a buffer, yes no? because im getting it in the form of a compund do I need to make sure its given on an empty stomach? and can I give the Domperidone at the same time as the Omeprazole? Ideally i would love to get him on Zegrid but we live in Canada and we dont have that here as well as the Omeprazole does not come in powder packs
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