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Nov 14, 2011
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Our youngest son (7 years at the moment) is struggling with stomach problems from baby on. A lot of testing for years and a gluten free diet shows no real effect although he react very well on the GF diet ..His diarree and pain was still there. We live on a small island and for more difficult issues we have to fly to Colombia .There they found out that it was Erosive esophagitis and a chronical gastritis. That was in January this year and from that time on we are Nexium but he still has 3 times weekly reflux and his behavior is changed also..he can be grumpy and is totally not feeling oke.a lot of headache.. We do not want to give him Nexium for ever and do not know what to do. With the GF diet he was doing much better. Ofcourse he is happy with eating 'normal'stuff but he is totally not healhty at the moment. He did get a endoscopie twice already but not a PH test..We want to look for a good ped.gast.end.dr in the States or is there somebody who can gives us tips for what to do. Nexium using longer then a year is not healthy for kids but using nothing is also not a choise..
Mar 22, 2012
Where I live in Texas there is a great children's hospital: Cook Children's hospital. They have a great GI clinic. Here is the website: I hope you find some help! I feel the same way about the Nexium. Like, I'm stuck. If my son doesn't get it, the side-effects could be worse than being on Nexium for too long though.
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