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Nov 13, 2011
Resq wedge for sale
Hi all, I have a resq wedge ( positional wedge for sale, in great condition. Asking $50 plus shipping. Let me know if interested. Comes with a size medium harness.
Nov 27, 2011
babygirlkoala parents
Hello. I'm interested in the wedge. Can you give me a little personal experience you have had with the wedge?
Nov 28, 2011
Hi, we used the wedge for our son for his severe GERD (vomiting 30+ times/day and tube fed). We used it because we couldn't lay him down and needed a place to keep him upright as we (my husband and I) would do things (cooking, cleaning, etc). He couldn't sit in a swing or bouncer because that seemed to make him reflux and thus vomit. So, we used the wedge for a place to keep him. He seemed to like it, it kept him upright enough but didn't scrunch his stomach and we would just move it from room to room, wherever we were. I know some people use the wedge in the crib for naps and sleeping. We never did that because we had his crib elevated. He's grown out of the wedge now but it was good to use for that period of time.
Dec 13, 2011
resq wedge
VERY interested in your wedge. How old is it? Does it have the side with the "nest" in it? Where would you be shipping from? I'm in Memphis, TN. Do you know what shipping charges would be? Do you have a paypal account or how would you take payment? Thanks!
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