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Nov 10, 2011
Anyone here using Zegerid 40mg powder?
I have questions about the Zegerid 40mg powder packs: My DD is currently taking Prevacid with BB: morning 3ml (9mg) and evening 6ml (18mg), so total of 27mg.

- How much water do I mix with the 40mg packet? How much of the solution would I give morn and night so that it is roughly equivalent to the current prevacid dosage she is taking.

- My doc is not keen on using Mylanta everyday so can I mix only water with the Zegerid?

Nov 11, 2011
Just found this info on another website (now wondering if I can just use water instead of the mylanta for the 40mg. I am not keen on using the 20mg pack because I would be using almost 2 of the 20mg per day and that is way too much sodium for the day according to my doc). Oral suspension packets: 20 and 40mg sachets. Directions to make 2mg/ml solution 20mg sachet: Add 6.5ml water, to a 10ml syringe, add the 20mg sachet and shake. 40mg sachet: Add 16.5ml water, to a 20ml syringe, add the 40mg sachet and shake. If your child tends to split up the solution, use the 40mg sachet, add 8.25ml water, and 8.25ml Mylanta cherry supreme, add the 40mg sachet and shake.
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