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Oct 27, 2011
Debbie, Mom to:
Derek,10/29/02 GERD,Can't have any legumes(soy, being the worse), allergic to PN/Tree Nuts, struggled to gain weight for years, my "picky" eater,Takes Zegerid. Johnny, 12/05/99 GERD, managed by diet, allergic to cashews/pistachios.
Anyone with older child on Zegerid or Prilosec? What dosage?
My son is turning 9 this weekend and is back on his meds. We seem to be having good results with zegerid once a day. Going twice a day he was miserable, but sometimes once a day is not quite enough. ANyone else with an older refluxer and experience in this area? Thanks, Debbie
Oct 27, 2011
Mom to two refluxers. DS 4.5 years, on prevacid since 5 weeks. Trial wean this Intolerant of dairy and soy DD born Nov 2010. Currently on zegerid. Had stomach malrotation & surgery at 9 months. Avoiding dairy/soy with her while BFing.
I have a baby on zegerid so I am not of any help with the dosage. I was curious what you meant when you said twice a day he was miserable. Were you splitting the dose and it just wasn't enough? or was he having side effects when he got a higher dose? Just curious as I also have a 4.5 year old with reflux too. Is the marci kids website with dosing still down?
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