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Oct 25, 2011
Help Me
Hi There, I'm eighteen years old. I have had acid reflux for about two years… yeah, the heartburn, the uncomfortable stomach pains. Was wondering if homeopathic medicine could work. The Homeopathic doctor said it was a thyroid and gallbladder issue. I've been drinking GingerBeer (instead of ginger ale) made of ginger root from whole foods which seems to help. I really just hate my stomach pains, in the morning before I go to school and at night. I wish it'd all just get better. I feel hopeless sometimes. The pediatric emergency room doctor diagnosed it as gastritis and provided me with medicine that didn't help and only made my heartbeat increase, and gave me bloody stool. I don't know how to go about dealing with this. I want it to go away and get easier. :D
Nov 06, 2011
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Find a good GI doctor. This could be anything from GERD to something like Inflammatory Bowel. I would be especially concerned about bloody stools. Please get a referral to a GI and have them evaluate your condition. You should not have to deal with this kind of pain every day!! ((HUGS))
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