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Oct 02, 2011
3 Month Old Chewing and gagging himself on nipple
My son has reflux and has been on Zantac since he was 6 weeks old. He is bottlefed Enfacare formula for preemies (for weight gain). He is now 3 months old and just began chewing the nipple of the bottle and choking on it. It takes a long time to get him to start sucking now too. He is obviously hungry when he does it too, because when he will suck on my finger with no problem. We are using Dr. Brown's Level 1 nipples. We had been using preemie nipples, but felt he had to work too hard to get the milk out since it is such a slow flow. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Could it be reflux related? I have done some research on it and I have found that at this age his sucking reflex and tongue thrust reflex is beginning to disappear so perhaps it has something to do with that. There was something else that came up a lot about being tongue-tied, but I figured he having been in the NICU for awhile would have been diagnosed with that while he was there. Any ideas?
Oct 03, 2011
Henry was born 5/12/11 at 5.8 lbs. A peanut, for sure. He was healthy and gaining weight steadily for first 6 weeks, then began refluxing through his nose. By 3 mos. he was projectile vomiting. Trying our 4th attempt at medication and desperate for a good night's sleep.
Three years ago when my daughter was born, one of the older, curmudgeon-y doctors in our practice said she was "tongue-tied" (her tongue was attached underneathe closer to the end of her tongue that he thought it should be). He told us they could "snip" it and it could cause speech issues later in life. When we saw our regular pediatrician at her next well visit, he said that's an "old-fashioned" procedure that babies had done a lot when we were kids (I'm 38), but that they've seen it doesn't need to be done anymore. IMO it's not worth worrying about. But reflux sure is. How is your son gaining these days?
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