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Aug 25, 2011
Still not diagnosed...
So we don't have a definate diagnosis yet but my daughter's symptoms sure seem to point to GERD....but other possibilities of a bacterial/parasitic infection, food intolerance and IBS are all still on the table. For over 2 months now we have dealt with daily abdominal pain and nausea but she never does throw up. Is vomiting a definate with this condition? So far we've been to 2 dr visits, the ER, and now have a 3rd ped. appt scheduled and one for a Ped GI but of course the latter can't see us for another month. She is crying everyday from the pain and getting her to school and through school is a daily challenge. Every medicine I try (via doctor and pharmacist suggestion) doesn't seem to work to the point, she's almost "done" with medicine. I'm trying to help her but nothing so far is working. It's always worse in the morning. I heard something about elevating the bed? Sorry, I guess that's 2 questions and we're supposed to stick to one topic. I'm new to this site and just trying to get some suggestions on how to lessen the symptoms between now and the wait for the next appt.
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