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Aug 21, 2011
11 Months Old Burping Nightmare
Hi all, I thought my time of browsing reflux forums was done when my son seemed to have outgrown his reflux at around 6 months. He used to spit up after every feed, multiple times and completely refuse to eat during the day. I would only dream feed him pretty much every two hours, all night long. and we did it all - from zantac, to eleveated crib, to religious 30 min upright time even at night. Finally at around 6 months he just started eating again and his spit up episodes reduced almost none. We took him of Zantac. However, a new problem seemed to have appeared - burping. I am not talking about gently patting your LO on the back after a drink and hearing a couple of resounding burps. This goes on FOREVER. I mean 30-40 times a day. Most of these hard, dry burps (I do hear wet ones sometimes but fairly rarely).They are so hard, that I think it's almost painful for him to burp. He is very frustrated because he is preoccupied with getting them out and they don't come out easily at ALL. I rub his left side, I twist and turn him, he crawls around, stands up, etc. It's hard hard work to get them all out and we never can. In the evening, he will wake up several times crying and I go in and burp him. Then he will wake up at night and it;s very hard to burp him then because he is too sleepy. I have taken all precautions for minimizing air swallowing - Dr. Brown's bottles, positions, etc. And he swallows air even when he eats solids. I now feed him last time two hours before bedtime so that he can crawl around and try to get the burps out. It's just very hard on both of us. It's gotten so bad that sometimes he refuses to eat solids because he still has air. And he used to love solids - would open his mouth and it was so enjoyable to feed him. Does anyone have any idea what it is? Is it reflux/immature esophagus? Is his stomach generating all this air? I am at my whits end literally as I was so hoping that by now, his digestive system would have matured and we would be past this. He is on Similac Sensitive Lactose-Free, but I also give EBM. Any advice is greatly appreciated as both my boy and I are pretty miserable right now :(
Aug 22, 2011
Do you have a helpful pedi or pedi GI? Have they talked to you about replacing Zantac with a PPI like Prevacid or Zegerid?
Aug 22, 2011
Isabella 10/04 Severe reflux, nissen fundo, g-tube, mito disease, epilepsy, DGE, asthma, aspiration, allergic to milk and soy
are you doing a dairy/lactose free diet with the BFing? also maybe his gas is coming from your diet, was just a thought-also from experience zantac doesnt work
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