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Aug 12, 2011
Periactin dosing
Can anyone comment on the dose of Periactin they are using??? My 12 1/2 month old daughter has used it for many months now to stimulate her appetite and it was working well for awhile. Now she is teething (molars and incisors) and she is losing weight because she has decided to quit sleep feeding cold turkey and only picks at her food. She is taking about 1/2 of the ounces of milk I was able to get into her when she was sleep feeding. She currently takes 2mg/5ml of the liquid Periactin - 1 tsp a day (that is 2mg per day). She weighs 20 1/2 pounds and I have a call into her GI specialist to see if she needs a boost in the Periactin dose while she is going through this rough spot. What dose are your children on? Thanks.
Aug 13, 2011
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We never took this at our house but have discussed it with the GI before. We did not want to add another med at the time since he was on a few of them. Even now, we don't want to add it unless we need to, nothing is wrong with them med, it's just that Jedd takes 3 meds already every day.

Are you cycling it? Meaning you stay on it for a few weeks then come off for a week or so. Then go back on it. My understanding on this particular drug is, the longer you are on it, the less affective it will be. It needs to be cycled.

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