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May 25, 2011
Questions to ask specialist
Questions to ask specialist Infant son 7 weeks old, born 4/1/11 Was diagnosed by pedi with MSPI and silent reflux at 3 weeks of age but symptoms are not getting better.  We tried Alliumemtum formula with previcid solutabs 15mg half in the am half in the pm. We have been on the meds for 21 days with Alliumemtum for 14 days and now we are using Neocate formula for a week now with no changes to fussiness, sleeping is still not very much and he is eating every 2 hrs or less (or if he does not eat he is very unconsolabe, pain cries).  We are going to a pedi gastrointestinal doctor and just want to know for sure this is what he has.  He chokes almost every time he eats, he gulps down his milk like he is so very thirsty, he kicks his legs and archs his back quite frequently after feeding, although less with the Neocate formula.  He has the hiccups after every feeding, has wet burps and will occasionally spit up, but with Neocate that has been less as he was largely spitting up with Allimuntum right before we switched to Neocate.  He sounds congested all the time.  We get hardly any naps during the day out of him and lucky to get 4 hours of sound sleep at night.  He will sleep then again and wake up crying then pass gas and then fall right back to sleep.  He has the most gas of any infant I have ever known and has not gotten any better with the Neocate.   I guess what questions should I ask to make sure we are getting the best care and that we have the right diagnose for our son.  Yes this is our first child and I could be reading into things but that is why I want to be sure I ask the right things and give them the correct information.  Thanks for your help! Angie Jaeger 
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