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Apr 29, 2011
Tucker Wedge/Sling?
Has anyone ever used these? We're having trouble keeping our son elevated in his bed because he's rolling a bit now, and ends up rolling down the crib. However, he's 4 months old, and I don't know if he would be happy with a drastic change. Just curious if anyone else has had success or otherwise with these to see if it's worth the money? Thanks!
Apr 29, 2011
Ryan was born May 20th 2008. 9 lbs 2 oz. Ryan’s magic bullet was 30mg of Prevacid capsules mixed with Caracream from Marci-kids (I am forever indebted to the team at Marci-kids), Claratin for the mucos, and Mirlax for the constipation. Within 2 months of this combo he jumped from the 6% to the 50% for weight and continues to climb. Be strong, listen to your instincts. Read his story for more specifics that just might help you too - Karen
Used it, Loved it and it was worth it. Insurance reimbursed for it. They will send you the insurnace code to submit for reimbursement. Would have bought it regardless though.
Apr 29, 2011
Also used it and loved it. Insurance wouldn't reimburse for it b/c we had not met our deductible in the "durable medical equipment" (DME) category. Bought it out of pocket and it was worth it.

Is your son currently swaddled, or was he ever swaddled? My daughter loved to be swaddled so she took right to the sling. She really liked that feeling of being "held in." But even if your son isn't/wasn't swaddled, he's young enough that he would probably still get used to it. Definitely beats sliding down to the bottom of the crib every night.

Apr 29, 2011
Yes, he HAS to be swaddled, or he won't sleep for more than 20 minutes, so I was glad to see that they can still be swaddled in the sling. I still have to swaddle him for naps, unless he's in his swing. I'm really hoping this will help with the sleep issue!
May 01, 2011
I found one on ebay for about 60% less than what I would pay on the tucker website, only used for 2 nights! I don't think that his insurance would reimburse it - he's a foster baby, so he's on Medicaid, and I doubt they would pay. Here's hoping!! Thanks again for the opinions :)
May 13, 2011
Used Boppy to improvise
Because my twins are on a slow feed by G tune at night, I can't place them in a sling. I bought a simple crib wedge from Babies R Us, then use a Boppy pillow to place under their legs and nestle their bottoms in. It keeps them from moving around and it works so far.
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