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Apr 21, 2011
Going off of Simply Thick/Thickeners
We have been using Simply Thick to thicken all of our 9 month old daughter's fluids (bottles and cups) for the past 5 months. Does anyone have experience with going off of thickeners? Every time we give our daughter fluids without the Simply Thick mixed in she chokes. Also, we have tried reducing the amount we put in and she seems to get discouraged and won't drink as much. Any suggestions??? Thanks.
Apr 21, 2011
Also wondering what you all think about using thickeners... my husband and I worry that she is going to be on the thickeners indefinitely... do kids just grow out of their swallowing issues??? What causes the problem? Our speech language pathologist hasn't been able to give us any insight, she just says "every kid is different"... not very helpful!!! I would love to hear anyone else's experience.
Apr 22, 2011
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I would not take her off of them until the Dr or GI tells you that you can. I would also look for an OT that works with kids with swallowing issues or for another ST who works with those types of kids.

I take it this is through early intervention?

Have you had a swallow study so they can help you out? They can take pixs while swallowing on different types of thicknesses in order to tell you which one is actually needed.

Check with your
doctor first!