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Apr 09, 2011
infant reflux/inconsistent patterns
my 3 month old does not have signficant spit up but gets red face crying during or immediately after some but not all of his feedings. Have any of you seen an inconsistent pattern like with this with your child's reflux? We are treating him with zantac (2 ml/a day today is the 8th day), switched from BF to enfamil a.r., will be getting a food study done on Tuesday, and have an appoinment with a GI specialist friday...kills me to see him in pain!!
Apr 11, 2011
He could have silent reflux, where there is no spit up but the acid is still coming up and burning the esophagus. I don't put much faith, personally, in Zantac. I don't know anyone it's ever helped long-term. It's an h2 blocker and the body can easily build up a tolerance to h2 blockers and they'll stop working. I would explore switching him to a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) like Prevacid or Zegerid. PPIs are considered the "gold standard" in treating reflux because they actually stop acid production from happening vs. work to neutralize acid once it's already occurred. They're also very safe b/c the meds never enter the bloodstream. You can learn more at Please go there and read all you can.

My advice is to first get him on an appropriate dose of PPI. If you still aren't seeing enough improvement, explore the possibility of MSPI (milk soy protein intolerance) in conjunction with reflux. The symptoms of MSPI look very much like those of reflux, and the conditions often go hand-in-hand. My daughter had both. The good news is that both conditions are usually outgrown. To rule MSPI in or out you'll need to try a hydrolized formula like Similac Alimentum or Enfamil Nutramigen - the proteins in these formulas are partially broken down so as not to cause reactions. I recommend Similac Alimentum READY TO FEED b/c it is the only formula that does not contain corn syrup, which can also be an irritant on little tummies.

If your baby does have MSPI, and is EXTREMELY sensitive, he may need Neocate or Elecare. This is not very likely but something to keep in the back of your mind. Neocate is an elemental formula in which the proteins are COMPLETELY broken down into amino acids, meaning it's basically impossible for them to cause reactions. My daughter needed Neocate. From her first feeding on Neocate she stopped spitting up, stopped fussing with feedings, and started sleeping.

For me the progression would be: PPI (appropriate dose and make sure you give it on an empty stomach 1 hr. before a meal, or use a compounded version), Alimentum, Neocate. And again, educate yourself by reading all you can before your GI appointment on Friday. Marci-kids and the resources on this website are two great places to start.

Good luck and I hope your baby feels better soon!

Apr 12, 2011
Thank you! He was on a PPI back in early march that did not seem to do anything, prevacid for 2 weeks compounded by the pharmacy which i understand can have issues. Will try it again though. Food study today to learn about allergies/intolerances so hopefully will get to the bottom of this. We were able to video tape him this am during an episode so should have good info for GI apt. Friday. How long did it take for your daughter to grow out of her digestive issues?
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