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Mar 30, 2011
new mexico mom
New frustrated with relux in my 3 month old
Hi everyone- I'm new to this forum and was hoping to read and gain some advice and even just learn that I'm not alone in all of this. My daughter had reflux when she was a baby. She was put on prevacid and she seemed perfectly fine with that. No huge amounts of spit up...what she experienced was the colic crying when she would spit, so the prevacid helped the acid be reduced and the crying halted. At a year we took her off the medicine and she was over it. Fast forward to now-I have a 3 month old son who has reflux and his is so different. He spits ALL the time in large quantities. he's gaining weight and is considered healthy as he's high on the weight. But the excessive spitting where it almost is vomit is hard to handle. He's on prevacid to reduce the acid but of course we are dealing with the excessive spitting. Excessive meaning a full ounce and then even more 1 or 2 hours after feedings. Any advice? Anything would be welcome. Thank you all in advance.
Mar 31, 2011
If the Prevacid is controlling the acid and he's not in pain, you will probably just have to "wait it out" with the spitting up. The muscles in his esophagus will get stronger over time and he will spit up less and less. Medicines help control the acid/pain, which is the most important part, but they don't do anything for the spit up. Of course you can make some lifestyle changes that will help some. Here are some ideas:

My only other thought is that he could have an milk protein intolerance. My daughter has both reflux and MSPI - her profuse spitting up completely stopped once we switched her to Neocate (she couldn't tolerate even Alimentum or Nutramigen)...

BUT, does he still seem uncomfortable? Does he cry a lot and have trouble sleeping or aversions to eating? Is he distressed when he spits up? If so, I would explore the possiblity of a protein intolerance (not uncommon in infants). If not, you're probably just dealing with reflux and if the meds are controlling the acid, you'll probably just have to live with the spit up until he outgrows it. I know it's not fun!

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