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Mar 04, 2011
Nutramigen vs Neocate
Hi, my 18 week old has been on Nutramigen 1 since she was 4 weeks old due to severe reflux along with carobel and zantac. The zantac has got rid of her pain completely as it did with my 5 year old ( he has had it since he was born and still on it!). My baby had terrible terrible wind( Farting loud, comstant and smelly) every night from 11pm right through until 7am. No sleep had by me or her at all and I was exhausted. Yesterday the paed started her on neocate and also told me to give her some spoon feeds on baby rice as she is only in the 2nd centile. She had two bottles last night and slept much better. I was only up with her twice and for 12 hours. Now she might just have been exhausted so I am afraid to get my hopes up. I am not going to spoon feed until I give her a couple of days on the neocate. I can't take much more of watching my baby farting and in terrible pain.
Mar 04, 2011
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My son had milk/soy allergies (as well as reflux), so for him Nutramagin was better than other formulas, but not nearly as good as Neocate. With Neocate he was a new child!
Mar 07, 2011
nutramigen vs neocate
How long did it take for Neocate to kick in? She wasn't great last night, more wind but only been on it since Thursday/friday
Mar 07, 2011
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I've heard it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month to see the best results when you switch formulas.
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