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Dec 28, 2010
anyone know ped. in nashville area?????
Does anyone know a good ped. who works well with GERD/Reflux babies in nashville area??? Can't take 1 more ped. telling me my child is perfectly fine when she's in 14th percentile and only gained 1 ounce at her last checkup. (I fed her 2 ounces in lobby while waiting 5 mins. before she weighed... so really she didn't gain!!) She's coming up on 3 months and weighs 9 pounds. She won't eat more than 2 ounces at any feeding and totals 12-14 ounces per day. Because she doesn't scream her head off 24 hours per day... and I have taken a leave from my job to diligently monitor her and encourage her to eat... "she's fine". After much demanding, I was given a referral for feeding therapist and GI study (already had swallow study). Ped. refused to give referral for milk scan and stated infants don't have delayed emptying. She already takes Zantac and Prevacid. I'm frustrated and desperate to help my child.
Jan 04, 2011
Great doctor
I live in Antioch, my son sees our family doctor. She is not strictly a ped, but she is absolutely amazing. She does not play around at all. Her name is Angela Willis. She is who noticed the reflux in my son. She fought and fought with Vanderbilt until they listened to her. That is one of the great things about her, she stands up for the people she cares for. She most likely will refer you to the gi clinic at the Vandy Children's Hospital. We saw one doctor at the gi clinic who didn't take use seriously so we switched to the nurse practitioner there, her name is Stacie Hawkins (sp?). She is just as fantastic. My son is about 5 months and goes through waves of gaining weight then losing it again, we he started losing this last time Stacie put him in the hospital until he had more tests done. He has now had: upper gi scan, swallow study, milk scan, impedance probe, endoscopy, x-rays, and some blood work. I will say the test that finally got the gi doctor's attention was the impedance probe, this tests allows them to see exactly how much acid is in the child's stomach, and how much leaves the stomach, and for how long. The impedance probe is the test I would push for. When my son had the milk scan it showed no reflux at all (even though he spit up through the entire test). The upper gi showed that he had reflux but they said "all babies have some reflux". We also found out that he is allergic to milk and maybe soy. He has now been put on a hypoallergenic formula (only been on it for about a week). He has also been on all of the acid reflux medications, he is now on Zantac and Nexium both twice a day. Until the end of last month he only ate about 15 ounces a day. Sorry I am rambling... basically I am trying to say, I would recommend Dr Angela Willis as a pcp and Stacie Hawkins as a gi doctor. Along with recommending to get an impedance probe test. If they suggest a ph probe test tell them no you want the impedance probe. The difference is the ph probe does not give as much information and the child has to be off all medication for a week prior to the test, the impedance probe the child can stay on medication and it gives more information. Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions.
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