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Dec 04, 2010
Loss of appetite on Prevacid
Has anyone experienced their baby having an extremely low appetite while on Prevacid? My daughter takes the 15mg Solutab once daily. She has never had a huge appetite, but lately she does not want to take hardly any milk at all. It is as if she is never hungry. Are there any PPIs that are better from an appetite perspective? Thanks.
Dec 05, 2010
Debbie, Mom to:
Derek,10/29/02 GERD,Can't have any legumes(soy, being the worse), allergic to PN/Tree Nuts, struggled to gain weight for years, my "picky" eater,Takes Zegerid. Johnny, 12/05/99 GERD, managed by diet, allergic to cashews/pistachios.
All PPI's can cause loss of appetite. This is a side effect of them. Be sure to tell the doctor this. Because of this side effect, both my sons ended up on zantac and pepcid throughout the day. Now the appetites are better.
Dec 05, 2010
Kavya had loss of appetite on Prevacid, Prilosec, and Nexium. However, after two weeks on Prevacid capsule her appetite came back. I also give her 'colic ease' gripe water which I feel helps.
Dec 06, 2010
Mason has also experiance the same thing. He'll eat but I have to watch the clock and sometimes those last ounces are a bit of a struggle. He for some reason ate like a cow when he was on Amoxicilin for an ear infection though. I guess it may be cause it moved everything through him so much faster. Have you tried spliting the dose? Mason takes 15mg daily but split between two doses.
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