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Dec 03, 2010
Is it reflux???
Alright, I am looking for feedback from you experienced moms out there... So we had the endoscopy done and it showed no permanent damage or allergy cells. Just slight inflamation and our doc says she still believes it is acid reflux. Our 4 month old daughter is on Zantac and Prevacid 15mg daily. She started with arching and crying during feedings at about 1 month old. Now she will only eat in her sleep. Another GI doc we have seen as well as a feeding therapist are recommending that we have a Modified Barium Swallow study conducted to find out whether or not she is aspirating while she is eating (I don't know how they would do this study as there is no way she is taking a bottle when she is awake). My question is that other than refusing to eat she really doesn't have any other noticeable symptoms (ie: she never spits up and seems to sleep ok). We are so desperate to find a solution as she keeps taking fewer and fewer ounces each day. Has anyone else had a similar experience??? Should we conduct the MBS? Thanks.
Dec 05, 2010
Ginger Bennett
Mom to Stanton - 2 year old with GERD, DGE and MPI
Hard to know the best route isn't it?!? I would go ahead with the test because it's nice to just continue to rule things out as you go. Just a tip - our first MBS was a nightmare and the most traumatic thing I feel like we've experienced. So - I want to urge you to be prepared and know what to ask for, because I didn't.... My little guy of course wouldn't drink the bottle with the barium so they tried syringing it in his mouth. By this time he was worked up and upset so that didn't go well either. They then strapped him flat on his back and syringed a ton in his mouth. I had to quickly ask them to get him off his back because he was choking and vomiting and I knew he would aspirate. They eventually put an NG tube down his nose to get the barium in him. They did this with no medication! He was already covered in vomit and we were both really upset. They just crammed the tube down his nose and forced the barium in. It was AWFUL. He ended up with pneumonia that very afternnon and the hospital admitted fault. We've since had this test again at another facility and it was beautiful and easy....only because I was prepared and knew what to ask for. Drugs! numb that nose before cramming a tube in it! Child Life therapy! Music! A calm environment! Meet the therapists doing the test before you poke at my child! These are basic rights and common curtisies for patients. Ask for them all so you and your sweet daughter can have better success!
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