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Nov 24, 2010
Bellysmom, We are still doing a trial of the Neocate Jr. and if we decide that this is the formula that Kavya needs to be on, I would definitely be interested in buying some formula from you. I will let you know later.

You mentioned that you have been giving your child Neocate for 5 years. What have you transitioned to now? Also, were you giving any meds for the delayed emptying that you mentioned? Was the delayed emptying diagnosed from a barium swallow?

Nov 25, 2010
HI. I have been transitioning for about the last 6 months. All isabella has known has been neocate jr. Now that she is 6 she has developed the "I don't want that syndrome" so of course i have given in but only a little. we went to coconut milk because she had her first bowl of cereal with milk in her whole life. We found a generic brand of cereal that is her LUCKY CHARMS!!!!! I am in a uuugggghhhhh moment because neocate has gone coconut milk has gone and a few other things. I really believe it is because she has started school and noone else has this for snacks. Thank goodness for the g-tube for supplement. Our new snack seems to be black olives. Go figure!!!! I am going to try goats milk soon. The other milk i tried was rice dream which got me through for awhile. I still insist she has neocate b/c unfortunately i have told her she either drinks it or its tube and she said she wants to wear a bikini next year!!! God bless me with a girl!!! As for meds we are on ees(erythromycin) for delayed emptying and 3 tbsp of miralax/day to keep things going. We were on reglan until neurologist thought it was causing her tremors but found out later she had epilepsy. We found out by a gastric emptying scan she had delayed emptying. A barium swallow allowed us to know the route of her feeds before a nissen was placed. We found out she aspirated by a swallow study or sometimes they can be combined with an upper GI. Bella was noisy while she slept because she was aspirating to the point she aspirated her own saliva. She had to have a lavage(nice term for taking your lungs to the car wash) EES seems to be working but i do take her off when she is on antibiotics like last week for pneumonia and a bad ear infection. Can cause diarrhea for some but with bells severe constipation it is not an issue.
Nov 29, 2010
What brand of coconut milk did you try? Kavya has a pretty sensitive stomach and I did try one brand which didn't seem to suit her. It could also have been the fat in the coco milk that bothered her. Question about the Duocal...why is this used as opposed to adding just a little bit of oil to food? Is it tolerated better than olive oil for example?
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