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Nov 18, 2010
Allergy update and how is MSPI diagnosed?
We went to the allergist yesterday. Only foods were tested. Everything was negative or a 3 and according to the allergist a 3 is not considered allergic. I was just looking at the results and it says Control - and Histamine 4. I wonder if the 3 is not considered allergic because her histamine is 4? I didn't think of asking the allergist this. Besides this number they just drew circles for the size of the welt and everything was small except for the histamine circle. So, I think the issues with Kavya are more food intolerances and not true allergies unless the allergy testing itself is not very accurate. The allergist said false negatives are rare.

So, how is MSPI diagnosed? Kavya doesn't have any symptoms like blood in stool, etc. She has silent reflux, sounds congested especially when she sleeps, and whenever I have given her milk or soy products her already poor sleep gets even worse.

Nov 19, 2010
Our Pedi and the GI never did allergy testing but dx Mason due to extreamly loose stool, excema, full body rash, watery eyes and his total food refusal. Also, they said a signature sign was the target like rash around his little bottom (specificaly his anus, sorry if TMI). I was suprized by his total refusal of food since his MSPI is prob moderate at best since Nutramigen and Alimentum have worked for us but in combo with GERD it prob made everything worse. The GI told us the best test for it is to change formula or elimination diet if EBF and if symptoms go away they dx MPI or MSPI. They didn't seem to think that allergy testing was needed if the formula change worked.
Nov 19, 2010
It's interesting how every kid is different.

In contrast to Mason, Kylie never had eczema, rash, or loose stools. (She did develop a small rash under her eye, but not until 6 months - really it could've been from anything.) She also never had blood in her stool - one of the first signs they look for.

She did spit up constantly, had poor sleep, congestion/cough, was fussy with her bottles, and had low formula intake (but never enough to keep her from gaining weight or even register as a concern to anyone but me.)

And yet she is so allergic to milk that she cannot even tolerate the Alimentum or Nutramigen - she only improved (and it was a drastic improvement!) once we switched her to Neocate.

I think you have to go with reactions...if she gets worse on milk/soy, eliminate it from her diet totally. Be ruthless in checking labels too, because so many things contain milk.

I sent you an email with what I know about your other question re: allergy testing.

Nov 19, 2010
Kavya is 23 months. We are currently trying to eliminate all dairy from her diet. She is not having any soy. We are also trying Neocate Jr. but it is a very slow process (at the moment we are 1/2 neocate, 1/2 Nutramigen and I keep adding more neocate each day).
Nov 19, 2010
Tinytanner, we also noticed that when Kavya has lentil she gets a red target like ring around anus like you described. She was negative in the allergy test for this though so it is definitely an intolerance.
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