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Nov 12, 2010
Analysis of Gerber-recommended diet
I posted this in another thread, but thought it might be more easy to find as a stand alone post. According to an acid-alkaline food chart a doctor gave me, the Gerber recommended diet is acid-causing. See the analysis below that I copied from

Here's a quick analysis of the Gerber foods recommended on this page against the acid-alkaline food chart from the initial post:

Gerber cereals
Gerber Barley cereal (barley is in the Most Acid category)

Gerber oatmeal cereal (Oats are Lowest Alkaline, but the second ingredient is soy which is Most Acid, so this is likely acidic)

Gerber Rice cereal (Brown Rice is Lowest Acid and second ingredient is soy so this is acidic)

Gerber whole wheat cereal (Wheat is Low Acid and add in the soy which makes it more acidic)

Gerber vegetables
carrots - More Acid
Green Beans - Lowest Acid
Peas - More Acid
Squash - Lowest Alkaline
Sweet Potatoes - Most Alkaline

Gerber Fruits
apples - Low Alkaline
Bananas - Lowest Alkaline
Peaches - Low Alkaline
Pears - Lowest Alkaline
Prunes - Low Acid

The acid-alkaline profile of the fruits is decent, but there is only one food (sweet potatoes) in the Most Alkaline or More Alkaline categories.

It might be helpful to puree some fresh, raw green kale; watermelon; raspberries, cantaloupe or other food from the Most Alkaline and More Alkaline categories in order to balance out the acidity from the rest of the Gerber-recommended diet.

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