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Nov 03, 2010
What do you think?
Thanks for the replies to my post about the scope. I'm hoping more people will still chime in because it helps to know many have been through this before, and it's over quickly...

My husband and I were talking last night, hashing out possible scenarios for why Kylie is having so much pain with her bottles again, and something clicked. When she first switched to the Neocate, she was doing great. She increased her daily formula intake and was finishing almost every bottle without pain. About two weeks in, she was slammed with back-to-back ear infections and cutting her first tooth, at the same time.

During this time, they put her on 3 different antibiotics for the ear infections, two of which tore her stomach up. There was also about a week where we were alternating Tylenol and Motrin around the clock to help with the double pain of the ear and the teeth. ...I know what you're thinking...babies with a history of stomach problems shouldn't have Motrin. I know that now. I did not know that then. All I knew was that my doctor told me she was old enough to have Motrin now, and I was just trying to make her as comfortable as possible during a really bad time. I feel really guilty, but I know now.

Anyway, that's when her formula intake took a nosedive and she also started having pain with her bottles again. She finished her last dose of antiobiotic last Thursday, her ears are clear now, and her tooth has pushed through enough. She should be feeling good. But she's not - she's still not eating and her pain with feedings is getting worse every day.

We think she has developed an ulcer. We think she developed it during that time when we were giving her Motrin and antibiotics simultaneously. We already know she has a sensitive stomach and one that has also taken the abuse of 7 months of formula she couldn't really digest (before we switched to Neocate). So it doesn't seem like a stretch that she could've developed an ulcer. And if so, that would explain the decreased formula intake and pain with bottles. We know the Neocate is not responsible for that because she was doing awesome on it before. I have noticed some gagging/choking/coughing with bottles too - but I think that could be due to waves of pain from the ulcer when she's eating. Or else some asthma issues since she is sooo allergic and allergies are really bad right now. Of course, her sleep got terrible again too, but that could be related to the ulcer or allergies, either one.

What do you think? Do you think an ulcer is plausible and would explain her symptoms? They can't get us in for the scope until Dec. 9th but I called this morning and begged... maybe they will find a way to fit us in earlier. Have any of your kids ever had an ulcer? Can you share your experience?

Nov 03, 2010
Mom to Jasmine aka: Jazz 01/24/2007
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I also gave Motrin during my DD difficult times. Sometimes you have to do something to help with pain. I still use motrin on both my little ones. It Usually takes quite a bit of motrin for a good run on of days to cause a gastric ulcer. And If you did caused a gastritis, there is a chance that would heal on it's own. Did you see any blood in her stool?

If I had to guess, I would say her reflux is out of control again, and her stomach flora is messed up from the ABX. Have you tried giving Maalox or Mylanta to see if this helps with pain? I wish I could help more.

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