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Nov 03, 2010
baby just put on zantac but not sleeping since at night
hi guys im new to this so please bare with me here's a brief story of whats going on, my son is now 6 months old he has sevear silent reflux since he was born but only digisnoised at 10 weeks but wasnt put on zantac untill 2 weeks ago now it has inproved him hugley with managing the pain but he's still very very hoarse in the throat and his breathing very muffeled which im getting concerned about now also he was alway very bad sleeper at night but since put on zantac he's 10 times worse he go's to bed at 7.30pm and could wake 10 times for his dummy or to be put back on is pillow or a drink of water he still get 1 bottle druing the night but now he's started waking at 4am and wont go back to sleep and crys alot which he didnt do before he would of had a distrubed sleep but didnt wake untill about 7am now im wondering is it the zantac (he's on 0.5ml 3 times a day) thats doing this i have read that insomia is a rare side effect to it this morning he had very very runny poo which distroyed he's vest and bed clother it was never that bad and he's off his bottles for the past 2/3 days but is still eating his 2 spoonfeeds no problem, any advise would be great not many people where i live know much about silent reflux and the doctors and nurses know less thanks a mill sandra
Nov 03, 2010
My son Levi is 13 weeks old. We figured out he has reflux @ 2 weeks. We have tried 4 different formuls (Currently Neocate) and he is taking Pepcid, Prevacid, Mylanta, Grip Water
how much does your son weigh? my lo was taking that much when he was 6 weeks old. He may not be getting enough medication for his weight. Also you might want to try Aluminum free Mylanta. I use 1mL 3 times a day, It helps coat his esophagas.
Nov 16, 2010
hi kenneyhl he's bout 16/17lbs im thinking he should be on more too as im starting to see some of his symptoms coming back and he still has the reflux very bad at night!
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